Our platform is designed to bring together investors from countries such as Poland, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. Invested funds are distributed by the total cash flow between our investors in progressive shares.
We bring together the most popular countries that use the decentralized cryptocurrency Bitcoin in order to increase the patency and demand of our platform.
How it works?
You invest a certain amount according to the tariff plans provided below and our system automatically distributes these funds in this way: 10-20% referral rewards, depending on where the traffic to our platform comes from, 50% of the invested funds is distributed among investors in equal shares according to tariff plans and 30% is sent to the reserve wallet to ensure the stability of platform and withdrawals.

Why choose us?
We launch our platform for the second time this year, the first successful launch was in December 2018 and provided stable payments to our investors for 120 days, we believe that this indicator is extremely high and stable in the investment industry and inspires high confidence in us side of investors. Someone may consider us a fraudulent site, this is your right! But we are a legitimate platform which, in turn, undertakes to fulfill its obligations to investors to the last cent in the budget of our platform.

The more active investors there are, the longer we will be able to provide you with stable payments. Think less, perhaps our platform depends on your decision, and your well-being depends on us for the next 120 days or more! We hope that this time investors will have more confidence in our platform and we will be able to ensure a longer period of the platforms work, we are open to any of your bright ideas and suggestions for improving services on our part, we are investors like you and we want more stability, we, just like you, are tired of scam projects. Let's build a business on trust. Believe us, we deserve your attention!

Investment plans
1: Min. deposit 0.00126125 BTC (10 USD) - 0.5% hourly profit for a period of 120 hours.
2: Min. deposit 0.01261253 BTC (100 USD) - 0.75% hourly profit for a period of 120 hours.
3: Min. deposit 0.12612529 BTC (1000 USD) - 1.0% hourly profit for a period of 120 hours.
4: Min. deposit 0.31531322 BTC (2500 USD) - 1.5% hourly profit for a period of 120 hours.
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The official launch date of the platform is August 17, 2019, we really hope that this launch will be the longest in our history, your trust is very important to us! We are the same investors as you, our experience in online investing for more than 6 years and we know how to properly build an investment business from personal experience. Over this period of time, we have come a long way to achieve our current goals. Trust us and we will do our best to justify your trust.

We have a high incentive system for YouTube bloggers, owners of investment telegram channels and websites, we are ready to increase your referral program up to 20% and provide you with an active deposit after publishing information about our platform. All payments on our platform are instantly and do not require intervention from the administration of the platform.

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